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When the aluminium profiles are extruded under high temperature, they should be well protected on the handling tables. For many years, wooden bars and graphite had been working as the protectors for aluminium profiles. With the wider use of aluminium alloy and more demanding requirements on surface treatment, high temperature felt stands out and plays an important role in the industry.

20 years ago, our company founder and president Mr. Tao (Sr.) worked as a sales engineer in a belting company, which was the first to introduce needled felt abroad. At that time when the felt products were still green, he collected end users’ valuable opinions and brought the questions back to the production line. With unceasing testing, he and the team managed to solve such problems like the belts’ elongation.

Back in 2008, Foshan Nanhai Kevlar Felt Product Co., Ltd. settled in Foshan, China, a well-known city for aluminium. We started running in a rented warehouse and targeted the leading manufacturers in aluminium extrusion industry. Bringing experience, solutions and determinations in front of our clients, we soon broke the center and our brand got radiated in all directions. In 2011, we had our factory expanded with floor area from 1000 sq.m. to 3000 sq.m., with production facilities from 16 sets to 33 sets, and with staff from 18 persons to 60 persons.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been working closely with over 1000 aluminium extrusion and handling system manufacturers as well as conveying and insulation solution providers, serving directly over 2000 extrusion production lines per year involving 30 provinces and cities in China mainland and more than 40 overseas countries and regions.

What our clients produce covers building profiles (door and window, curtain wall, handrail, sunroom etc.), industrial profiles (aerospace, rail transport, ship, automobile, energy power, bridge etc.) and decorative profiles (office screen, office partition, wardrobe, cupboard, wall cabinet etc). These are all related to our daily life, which imperceptibly stimulates our belongings and responsibility on the product quality.

Our quality system is certified, audited and found in conformity with the requirements of standard ISO9001:2015. Among China’s Building Aluminium Profiles Enterprises Top 20, we have a stable cooperation with 16 of them. Also we were awarded “EXCELLENT SUPPLIER” by Xingfa Alu, Haomei Alu, Fenan Alu etc.

We are a manufacturer of customized felt products, main products are roller sleeve, endless belt, felt pad, spacer sleeve, timing belt with felt etc. with working temperature ranging 600℃, 500℃, 280℃ and 180℃. We are more than a parts supplier, instead, we are together in the aluminium.

And you know what we have in common? we all aim to do good for aluminium!


To become an influential supplier or partner in aluminium industry; 

To create maximum values among clients, shareholders and employees


Leave no worries for conveying under high temperature


Honesty and Integrity: we do what we say and do what is right.

Service: we provide more than what you expect and think a step earlier.

Cooperation: when we work together, everything is possible and possibility will be larger.