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PBO Cushion Pad

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Visible Materials Made of PBO Fiber & Para-aramid Fiber With Working Temperature up to 600℃

Needle Punching Technics High Abrasion Resistance and High Density Structure

Paralleled Smooth Cutting Fit for Production Lines

Pure Para-aramid Tension Member For Better Needle Punching Density


PBO Cushion Pad is mainly used as the substitute for graphite on the discharge gate of the aluminium extrusion presses, better avoiding scratches and dark marks caused by the graphite, especially for those demanding profiles.


Length: 20mm - 20000mm

Width: 20mm - 1300mm

Thickness: 5mm - 12mm

- PBO Thickness: 2mm - 5mm

MOQ: 1750mm in total length × 400mm in total width (except we have stocks)

Treatment: with Resin