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Para-aramid Endless Belt

Endless Belt is a flexible medium that carries and transports the materials under the driving of aluminium wheels. It is seamless without joint. When it comes to aluminium industry, endless belts are used for heat resistance and abrasion resistance. It is mainly used for belt type aluminium extrusion handling system.

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Visible Materials Made of 100% Para-aramid Fiber With Working Temperature up to 500℃

Needle Punching Technics High Abrasion Resistance and High Density Structure

Paralleled Smooth Cutting For Excellent Belt Tracking

Pure Para-aramid Tension Member Ensuring No Elongation


Mainly for Belt-type Aluminium Extrusion Handling System

  • Pick-up Table and Cooling Table



With Timing Belt

With V-guide

With Hidden Clipper Lace

With Fastener Belt

Length: 1750mm - 11000mm

Width: 20mm - 1300mm

Thickness: 5mm - 12mm

MOQ: 400mm in total width

Treatment: with Resin Some Tips You Might Know Length = Internal Circumference of the Belts