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PBO Roller Sleeve

PBO Roller, withstanding up tp 600℃, is usually used on Initial Table for aluminium extrusion handling system. Automatic puller speeds up the conveying of the profiles and their temperature are still very high, thus PBO Roller is suggested to be used on the forepart of the run-out table as well.

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Visible Materials Made of PBO Fiber & Para-aramid Fiber With Working Temperature up to 600℃

PBO Roller Sleeve

Needle Punching Technics High Abrasion Resistance and High Density Structure

PBO Roller Sleeve

Vertical Cylinder With Smooth Cutting and Even Surface

Inner Ripple Grains Enhancing Friction between Galvanized Roller and Felt Roller to Avoid Slipping


Mainly for Aluminium Extrusion Handling System

  • Initial Table before Fly Cut
  • Forepart of Run-out Table after Fly Cut
  • Under Water Quenching


Length: Customized

Inside Diameter: 38mm - 200mm

- Common-used ID: 50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 80mm, 89mm

Thickness: 5mm - 12mm

- PBO Thickness: 2mm - 5mm

MOQ: None Some Tips You Might Know Thickness = (Outside Diameter - Inside Diameter) / 2