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Aging Spacer Sleeve

Spacer Sleeve is used as a covering for the spacer bars placed between two layers of profiles to protect the materials from scratches and also maintain good ventilation. It is mainly used for aging, oxidizing and power coating workshops where there are feed cars.

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Materials Made of 100% Meta-aramid Fiber With Working Temperature up to 280℃

Sewn by Meta-aramid Yarn Heat-resistant Without Seam Broken

Patented Hot Ironing Technics Sooth the Surface and Relieve Fluff

Customized by Drawing Ensure the Spacer Sleeve Dimension Fit for the Spacer Bar


Mainly used as covering for spacer bars placed between profiles in the Aging Furnace so as to avoid scratches and also maintain good ventilation

Warm Reminder: please be gentle while lifting, transferring and loading, avoiding the profiles rubbing back and forth on the spacer sleeves.


With One End Sewn

With Both Ends Sewn

With Both Ends Open

Length: L2 = L1 + 10mm (or >10mm) - with one end sewn or both ends sewn
L2 = L1 (or <L1) - with both ends open

Width: W2 = (W1 + T1) × 2 + 10mm (or >10mm)

Thickness: 1.6mm, 2.0mm

Some Tips You Might Know

It is better that you provide us the drawing of the spacer bar

Different colors can better help distinguish the profiles for different treatments